Nova Reperta




Straet, Jan van der (1536-1605). Nova Reperta. [Antwerp]: Phillipe Galle, [1630]. oblong 4o (336 x 243 mm). Engraved title and 19 numbered plates by Theodore Galle and Hans Collaert after Jan van der Straet. Total of 24 plates. First Edition

Condition: (small marginal tears or holes to title and plates 1, 2, 8, 13 and 15 repaired; skillful repairs to tears 110 mm and smaller to pls. 11, 14 and 16, some marginal finger-soiling.) Later marbled boards, red morocco gilt label on front cover (slightly rubbed).

Description: The title is illustrated with small pictures of the inventions and discoveries, which are depicted in more detail in the first ten plates.

The first 10 plates include the Title Page, and 1. Columbus landing in the Americas, 2. an observatory, 3. a gun-foundry, 4. a printing press, 5. a clock-maker’s shop, 6. medical care, 7. a distillery, 8. silk-manufacture , 9. a farrier’s shop


The last 9 plates are not included on the title-page. No separate title-page for these nine is recorded. The plates depict: 10. a water-mill, 11. wind-mills, 12. an oil-press, 13. a sugar-factory, 14. a painter’s studio, 15. an optician’s shop, 16. ship-navigation, 17. an armory, 18. an astrolabe demonstrated by Amerigo Vespucci, 19. a copperplate engraver’s

Also bound with:

  1. Americae Retectio. [Antwerp]: phillipe galle, [1585?] which shows a large central globe with America and Europe, supported by Flora, Janus and Oceanus, with medallion portraits of Columbus and Vespucci, a sea-god with the shield of Genoa in a chariot drawn by Hippocamps next to Columbus, and a soldier with the shield of Florence in a chariot drawn by lions next to Vespucci. below is shown the Mediterranean coastline, with both Florence and Genoa depicted.
  1. Amerigo Vespucci by Adrian Collaert
  1. Christopher Columbus by Adrian Collaert
  1. Ferdinand Magellan by Adrian Collaert

… each aboard their ships on their respective voyages to the new world, surrounded by sea-nymphs, monsters and other wonders. sabin 92665.

Condition: (repairs to upper right corner of pls. 1 and 3, not affecting image, some margins renewed, one crossing plate mark slightly, some slight marginal soiling.) Sabin 92665.